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About Us

Our history is deeply rooted in Technology and the Communications industry. Our founding executives’ experience has built the cornerstone to what our company and corporate vision continues to be today.

TeleSource was built on the expectations of being a visionary, motivated, group determined to change the Communications industry for the better. This drive and inclusion of the right team and powerful tools, provide our clients the highest level of visibility and cost-effective results.

Many of the recognized brands in Retail, Manufacturing, Housing, and Transportation rely on TeleSource. We coordinate, deploy, audit, and manage mobile, wireline, and IoT solutions built to drive your business success. We deliver a complete suite of communications products and services to keep organizations running smooth, so that business can focus on growth.

The communications industry has changed, and our team has evolved to meet those changes for over 25 years. We have seen the trends of offering software-as-a-service and understand that software demands a competent and experienced team.  The Telesource way includes the team and the tools; working together for success!

Corporate Headquarters Charlotte Office 9606 Caldwell Commons Circle, Suite A Cornelius, NC 28031 +1 800 849 0555 +1 704 990 7600

Myrtle Beach Office 1201 North Oak Street Myrtle Beach, NC 29577

Raleigh Office 1310 Corporation Parkway, Suite A Raleigh,NC 27610

Our Branding Story

The three components of our logo define who we are as a company. Visibility, Accountability, and Connect.

   The TeleSource World

Making connections and unifying people and partners is what we’re all about. In today’s business world, we accomplish so much and gain satisfaction from helping our customers celebrate their successes. It’s much more satisfying to realize that you’ve helped meet their operational goals.

   Customer Visibility

Our 100+ years combined service,  relationships and industry-leading tools enable us to handle the most tedious billing challenges with ease. The results speak for themselves. Our clients expect results with everything we accomplish from negotiating their carrier service agreement to managing new network installations as well as staffing and maintaining a carrier-agnostic technical assistance center.

   Our Account Rep Accountability

Our dedicated account teams thrive on the opportunity to sell, support and creatively adapt to our clients’ business goals.  Their continual emphasis on change in the industry is a perfect fit to reinforce that they are accountable for the success of not only themselves but our clients as well.