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The Driving Force to Savings & Control

Communications and Asset Management Software

Connect™, a TeleSource software platform, is the driving force behind our comprehensive Communications and Asset Management solutions. The platform and the experienced people at TeleSource capture and evaluate assets, carrier contracts, invoices and other communications data. The central database is accessible for easy to understand reporting that provides you total visibility of your communications assets; along with variance reporting and the ability to customize reports for an even more focused view. 

TeleSource supplies both the software and the people.  A big advantage over other software only providers.  

We encourage you to request a demonstration of our Connect Platform and the People that use the tool effectively.  

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CONNECT Software

The Connect™ software is extremely flexible and able to be integrated with any current accounting, MDM, BYOD or HRIS system.  Specific Vendor Application APIs have been refocused as part of a module called CONNECT [IVE]. The Integrated Vendor Exchange (or IVE) solidifies TeleSource’s continued dedication in establishing new partnerships and further integration with cloud-based products and technology vendors such as Coupa, ServiceNow, and Okta.

Call us for more information about how Connect™ can integrate as part of your business solution.

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