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Procurement through retirement. Managing the mobility lifecycle.

Mobility inventory management is the key to TeleSource’s competitive advantage across the wide array of industries that we support. Many IT and communication departments are mired in the past with managing newer technologies with traditional and outdated processes.

The added complexities of rapidly changing technologies and services, negotiating rate plans, as well as considerations such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), have even cutting-edge organizations seeking outside knowledge and support.

The Mobile inventory management solutions that we offer covers everything mobile, from strategic development and planning, procurement of devices, configuration and custom kitting and deployment to support and expense management through the end of the lifecycle of the device culminating in securing retired devices and terminating services when employees leave.

The TeleSource Mobility Management Services include:

Mobility Device Purchasing / Deployment / Management

  • Includes self-service portal for purchasing and assisted device management
  • Our process automatic audits and resolves all of the normal costly fees:
    • Early termination
    • Activation / upgrade
    • Phone number change

Mobility Device Management Agnostic

Our portal provides automated mobility policy management by:

    • Presenting device and accessory availability by Job Code
    • Monitors and restricts access for replacements prior to eligibility date
    • Provides a multi-level approval process prior to purchase
    • Standard reporting on user allowances
    • Proactive awareness reports showing optimization benefits
    • Security module provides multi-level access for Management/Support Center override and approval of purchases
      Provide custom kitting and branding for device hardware prior to deployment
    • Custom Mobile application installations and configurations
      • BES, MDM, MSM, EMM configuration and installation
      • Coordinate mobile device software deployment and installation
    • Coordinate replacement and device repair
    • Conduct physical inventory management and manual hardware audits
    • Experienced with adhering to and maintaining compliance with Six Sigma and Sarbanes-Oxley standards
    • Trend analysis and recommendations
    • Device and general use policy enforcement and development