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What is the TeleSource Advantage?

The TeleSource Advantage involves the full range of communication solutions. We specialize in voice, data, mobile, messaging, or video services. We provide our clients the ability to view, manage, order and optimize your entire communications environment. Our world class advantage stems from our ability to provide more of a valued partner approach to our work. We help you establish new processes, forecast goals, and help manage more involved projects that are far beyond what the traditional TEM provider would provide.

wdt_ID Most Common Services Requested of TEM Providers US-based, #1 TEM Provider US-based, #2 TEM Provider TeleSource
1 Cusomizable Proprietary software YES YES YES
2 Software Provides visibility to all Telecom Data NO YES YES
3 Flexibility or provides APIs to connect with other BI Systems NO NO YES
4 Full Service Telecom audit and inventory management NO NO YES
5 Carrier Agnostic YES NO YES
6 Mobile Device Management (MDM) agnostic NO YES YES
7 Custom Programming at NO additional cost NO NO YES
8 Project Management resources at NO additional cost NO NO YES
9 Support a range of client sizes and verticals NO NO YES
10 Customer Specific Reporting at NO additional cost NO NO YES

Bringing Visibility, Accountability and Performance to the Communications Lifecycle

Our solutions have evolved from the traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM), into what we consider the complete Communications Lifecycle (TEiM). We provide total visibility across your entire communications environment.  Basic TEM services only focus on the expenses and invoice processing and are no more than software-based solutions.  Our TEiM packages encompass expense management, asset management and technology purchasing. The true power of TEiM is in its ability to be flexible to manage all aspects of your communications environment as it continues to grow and change.