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Complimentary Consultation

Experience the TeleSource Advantage

For over 25 years, the experts at TeleSource continue to provide value through trust and performance. As we help track communication assets, we improve processes, assist in forecasts and goals, as well as help manage more involved digital transformation projects. Our people truly make the difference!

The TeleSource Advantage covers a full range of Communication Asset solutions. We specialize in voice conversion (VoIP), mobility, IoT tracking and asset management,  project management and logistics for expenses and billing. Additionally,  we customize account coding for site assets like displays and other IoT devices, making accounting functions simple and effective. Clients can manage, order, and optimize the entire communication environment, all assisted by TeleSource professionals.

Bringing Visibility, Accountability and Performance to the Communications Lifecycle

TeleSource solutions continue to go well beyond the limits of a traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM or TEiM) software provider. TeleSource connects the business to the entire Communications Lifecycle and enables visibility across the entire communications environment with people and software.  TEM services alone only focus on the expenses and invoice processing and are typically sold through software licenses.  The TeleSource approach to Communications Management is to enhance TEM functions through a more comprehensive Asset Management strategy.  A better solution provides management to all aspects of the communications environment while it continues to grow and change.