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Concise Data Capture

Reliable data are the core components of business operations. The TeleSource team utilizes Asset Insertion Technology to securely import and deliver the increasing volume of communication data into the Connect database for each location.

Our in-house engineers and development teams ensure that the transitioning of communication records are streamlined and useful for continuous auditing and optimization processes.

Quick, Efficient, Consistent and Secure.


  • Asset Insertion of all communication items into Connect
  • Data Acquisition, Storage, and Retention
    • storage capacity expands at no additional cost
    • all data is retained for historical reporting
  • APIs available for MDM systems
  • Receipt and Billing confirmation process
  • Data Monitoring and Billing Variance programming
  • Experienced Industry Team for manual entry as required

Types of Data captured into the Connect database

  • Assets - IoT, Wireless, Mobility, Wireline, Audio Visual, and customization
  • Communication Inventory per location
  • Contracts and Terms
  • Complete invoice copies (full)
  • Remit addresses
  • Cost Center location identifier
  • Multi-Level Coding for Accounts Payable
  • Cost center location and Custom Designations (i.e Region, Branch)

Carriers trust TeleSource to provide the most advanced process of data insertion possible.

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