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Quick, concise and secure onboarding and data acquisition

Your data is considered a part of our business critical operations each and every day. In designing the processes of which we securely import and maintain the consistency of how it is managed continues to be of our utmost priority.

Our engineers designed the on-boarding and data integration processes to provide a secure and reliable solution for transitioning your carrier and historical records to our proprietary data vault where the auditing and optimization processes begin.

Quick, efficient, consistent and secure. These are the four pillars of assurance that you have when working with our team.

Data Acquisition

The TeleSource on-boarding and data acquisition features:

  • Secure Telecom Data Acquisition / Storage and Retention
    • We manage and maintain the storage capacity and expand as your business expands at no cost to you.
    • Data is retained for historical reporting up to each client’s requirements
  •  Establish secondary transmission processes that may interface with MDM software exports or customer provided data
  • We utilize data monitoring tools to confirm receipt of all expected data throughout all transmission activities.
  • Built-in redundant or backup processes where our team may also manual key in data from any source if required

The source data that is imported includes but is often not limited to:

  • Basic inventory information
  • Billing information
  • Remit Addresses
  • Complete invoice copies
  • Contracts and terms
  • Cost center location and Custom Designations (i.e Region, Branch)

We utilize our partnerships with all of the available services providers to provide you the fastest onboarding possible.

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