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Bring Visibility to Your Communications Technologies Life Cycle: Procurement to Retirement

At TeleSource, our extensive packages of managed services are designed to provide secure and reliable data visibility for your communication technology environments. We are completely carrier agnostic and will never recommend or force you to change to another service.

Using our state-of-the-art proprietary system – Connect™ – we provide our customers and dedicated account representatives insight into all costs that impact your business and help drive cost-saving decisions.

There are also no hidden costs or additional fees that your company is required to pay just to customize or create a new report.


The TeleSource Managed Services automatically include:

Telecom Auditing, Optimization and Dispute Resolution

  • We Provide an Inventory Item-Level Audit Includes variance reporting
  • Contract rate validation
  • Comparison to like services (Within Same and Alternate Carrier)

Dispute Management and Resolution

  • Submit identified issues to carrier
  • Provide negotiation and follow-up
  • Validate receipt and allocation of resolution

Contract Management Establish negotiations/RFP on behalf of client

  • Review and consultation of terms
  • Provide comparison and cost analysis
  • Monitor expiration and renewals

Invoice / Payment and Allocation View Invoices

  • Quick Access to Month-over-month spend per account
  • View Accounts Payable and General Ledger Coding reports
  • Inventory Item Level Cost Allocation and  General Ledger Coding
  • Approval process for payment of invoices
  • Ability to reject Invoices
  • Single invoice payment structure
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